Thai mom of infant who fell from mattress and died speaks out amid criticism

A tragic incident unfolded as an eight month old toddler fell from a mattress and died in Thailand‘s Lamphun province. Struggling to deal with the loss, the bereaved mother, ‘B,’ spoke out amid harsh criticism from the online neighborhood, seeking a good understanding of her family’s predicament.
Yesterday, the kid, Kimhant, was found lifeless on the floor of the bed room between the mattress and the wall at their residence in a housing property in Lamphun. B’s husband and the child’s father, ‘C,’ reported that the infant had slept with him within the room and had presumably fallen out of bed through the night time.
As the household mourned the loss, the story went viral on social media, leading to extreme backlash and criticism towards the grief-stricken mother and father. B expressed her heartfelt thoughts, asking for empathy and understanding from the public, because the loss of their young child was already insufferable.
“We have misplaced one child and now have to endure from the pain of quite a few unfavorable comments and judgments without understanding the fact of the situation. Manageable have to reply countless questions. Before you criticise someone, please know the real incident.”
B mentioned that her household, which incorporates three youngsters – two daughters and the late Kimhant, would keep in mind their son as if he had been merely sleeping. The heartbroken mom urged these judging her household to think about the true events and her family’s love for their son before making insensitive comments during their time of mourning..

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